Teal Communications CEO Robby Hamblet has something to smile about.

Seattle Start-Up Shows Potential with IoT Broadband Chips

Teal Communications just received $1 million from an international early stage investment fund for selling eSIM chips to customers that need mobile broadband connectivity for their IoT devices. The chips work across major carriers and users pay a per-gigabyte rate with no coverage fees, roaming costs, or throttling. The year-old Seattle company can sell them at a lower cost compared to other mobile broadband providers.

“Our offering is cheaper because our tech lets us use more than one supplier for the data access,” said Teal Communications CEO Robby Hamblet. “This also lets us stay more flexible over time as data rates from wholesalers change.”

The company is small, only five people but they have plenty of experience. Hamblet was previously an engineer at Globetouch, an IoT connectivity giant. He co-founded Teal Communications with Michael Johnston. One of the company’s advisors is Perry Saterlee, former COO of Nextel and Clearwire Communications.