Rampant Problems Require Mindshift for Tech Companies

Growing pains, or a sign of something worse?

Silicon Valley issues coming to the attention of the public indicate that a major change needs to occur to prevent future disasters, according to a story in Fast Company magazine.

Citing such debacles as social media apps Facebook, Twitter and YouTube hurting democratic governments, autonomous vehicles from Tesla and Uber killing people and Theranos putting patients at risk with its fraudulent blood-testing service, the story argues for major adjustments in how companies operate.

“Meanwhile, the Bay Area has failed to address its lack of diversity, its housing crisis is exacerbating income inequality and everyone from nepotistic bro-vestors to priggish Valley secessionists are further isolating the industry.”

The article says critics outside of the tech industry see the problems clearly, but insiders are in a “bubble,” and that their companies are “too powerful, too insular and too flawed.” The fact that many view Silicon Valley as a “menace” will likely lead to more regulation and ethical discussions. Other tech companies outside of Silicon Valley are addressing the issues.

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