Robot Changes to Sports Car in 1 Minute

Mark Wahlberg would be disappointed at trying to outdo this co-star if it appears in the next Transformer movie. It wont be Optimus Prime that is a CGI and transforms so quickly you can’t see the stop action movements or the stitching together of the scene.  The new robot co-star won’t need CGI, or pretend storyboards.

This robot actually transforms from robot to sports coupe and it can carry real passengers on a real road, and it will elicit huge wows from any audience when it goes into presto change-o mode.

It only takes about a minute to make the change from robot to roadster. It can technically walk at a speed of 100 meters per hour or drive on its four wheels. But developers said they have never really tested it outside the factory cargo bay area. Brave Robotics chief executive officer Kenji Ishida, who developed the joint project with Asratec—an affiliate of the Japanese mobile phone giant SoftBank—said he was motivated by his childhood transformer heroes in anime movies.

“The robots I’ve seen in animation movies since childhood all had this kind of look and they transform into or combined with each other to become something else with people on board,” Mr Ishida said.

And while it may seem like an expensive toy for the wealthy, Ishida says it is meant to inspire others and to ‘broaden human imagination.”

It will find applications in amusement parks and entertainment centers before it finds its way onto the highways and byways of any nation.

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