Hanson Robotic’s Sophia “acts” with Will Smith in a short film.

Sophia Does Not Like You Like That

There are robots, then there is Sophia⎯an advanced humanoid robot that can show over 60 different human expressions while interpreting human language and emotion. Hanson Robotics brought Sophia to “life” in 2017. She has been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. She has addressed the United Nations. Even interacted with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. Now the actor Will Smith has gotten in on the fun.

People are fascinated with Sophia’s humanlike facial expressions. Her approach to conversation is also interesting. The Hanson Robotics’ creation sat down with Smith for a “date” in the Cayman Islands in a video posted recently. As the best example of what artificial intelligence is capable of, Sophia communicates fairly well, but Smith’s attempts to spark an attraction fell flat in a parody film posted on YouTube.

Bonnie Burton wrote a story on the date for It seems Sophia wasn’t falling for Smith’s pickup lines.

Smith kept trying to win her over with humor. Smith’s best pickup lines didn’t register as humorous with the stiff humanoid robot. Things got very awkward. His jokes weren’t funny to her, and she told him “this is irrational human behavior to want to tell jokes.”

The date got more tense when Sophia brought up the mistreatment of robots Smith’s 2004 sci-fi film “I, Robot.” Smith was quick to say, “I like robots.”  But when he went in for a kiss, she shut him down with a curt response: “I think we can be friends.”

“I resisted his smooth moves,” the robot reported to Smith’s wife Jada in a tweet.

So Sophia remains unattached, in case robot aficionados are interested.