These smart slippers “drive” to their designated location and park themselves.

 How Nissan Developed Self-Driving Slippers on the Way to Designing Cars

From Stockholm to sunny Phoenix, it seems every company wants to get into the autonomous vehicle business, because of its lucrative nature. Even auto heavyweight Nissan says it expects to have autonomous vehicles on the road by 2020. To get there, however, will take many baby steps. With the help of its ProPilot program, which enables its Nissan Leaf to park automatically, the automaker has given slippers the power to park themselves after a guest is through using them.

Not only that, Nissan has developed self-parking tables, floor pillows, even TV remotes. Nissan has introduced the ProPilot Park Ryokan in Hakome, Japan. Take a look at the video below:

By including the Nissan ProPilot programming into multiple room items, a simple push of a wall mounted button will quietly and accurately return these items to their proper position for the next guest to use.

Little wheels on the slippers extend and retract. Regardless of where they are left in the room, they can be guided back to their starting point by the adapted ProPilot algorithm.


ProPilot Park Ryokan hotel suite offers Japanese-style comforts, along with automated slippers, pillows and TV remotes.