The CommonSense Robotics team, based in Tel Aviv, prepares for a major rollout of new facilities in the United States and Great Britain in 2018.

High-Speed Robotics Key to Urban Grocery Delivery Service

CommonSense Robotics, an Israel-based startup raised $20 million for expanding its AI/robotics-based grocery fulfillment and delivery system, which currently has one location in Tel Aviv.

Playground Global led the investment, joined by prior investors Aleph VC and innovation Endeavors, for a total of $26 million.

“The funds will be used to scale up CommonSense Robotics’ facility deployment rate, develop their next generation of robotics and AI, and expand global operations and sales,” says the startup.

High-speed robots will collect the goods and humans will package the orders for dispatch by vans and scooters. Micro-fulfillment centers in 10,000 square feet, located in urban areas instead of large warehouses on the outskirts of cities, will speed delivery—lowering the costs of grocery delivery and making small businesses competitive with Amazon.

“Our AI software breaks the order down into robot tasks, and finds the right robots to complete those tasks,” Elram Goren, CEO and co-founder of CommonSense Robotics.

The system averages three minutes per order, compared to 30 minutes to do the same in labor-intensive systems. The company plans to expand into Great Britain and the United States this year.