Taking Stock of AI

AI Investment Program Protects Returns for First 8 Months

The high-speed computers that drive the stock market’s daily grind have been making people money in the blink of an eye for years. Split-second trades that profit little, but risk little, occur throughout every trading day. With the onset of AI, a whole new investment dynamic is expected to evolve, particularly with the advent of digital money married with stock market bots.

Most of us have been in the situation where we were waiting in a line, when the next line over seems to move quicker so we switch to that line. About that time, the newly chosen line locks up and we switch back to the first line, only to be two spaces further back that when we originally got into line. It’s often the same experience in investing. What was a hot stock Monday morning has cooled by Monday evening and rebounded Wednesday afternoon. It can be frustrating when it seems your investment fails to earn more money.

                                                  Enter Mirocana

Would AI can help? According to a start-up company in the technology/investment field, AI will enable investors to choose the amount of return they seek from your investment.

 A new platform is applying advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to investing in order to produce the best possible solution for investment. The company, called Mirocana, has built a platform that creates simulations through AI, and then invests for you in the best possible performing simulation, highly increasing your chances at investment success.

The platform gathers raw data from a number of various sources and medias. A wide range of strategies are developed by the Mirocana team and then run through simulations which are considered and edited daily for accuracy and return. Then they take the information for the simulations and run that through neural networks with orders to maximize profit and minimize risk. Mirocana has already built a fully functioning currency market that makes predictions for 125 currency pairs currently being traded on the OANDA trading brokerages.

Mirocana’s directors are betting on their technology by offering their services in AI investment for free for the first 8 months of use by investors. After that, the company will take a 25% cut of the profits from the exchange. But Mirocana will also pay 25% of any loss incurred by the investor. The company is launching its new technology January 1, 2018.

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