AI Software Development on the Horizon

Amazon has casually unveiled what could turn into a fundamentally different way to build software.

At a recent AWS conference in Las Vegas, the company introduced Amazon Cloud 9, an IDE that will plug into its cloud computing platform. What does this mean to the everyday user on-line? MIT Technology sees it this way:

This might seem like no big deal, but it’s actually the latest sign that cloud-based machine learning is about to take the software industry by storm—and, by extension, to rewire the entire economy. Using Amazon’s new platform, developers can collaborate in real-time to tap into powerful, cloud-based AI that they can bake into a new generation of apps and Web services. This will mean learning new ways of thinking about software, and it should lead to the rise of everyday software that behaves with more intelligence.

This shift promises to be the biggest transition for the software world in decades. The easy availability of on-demand machine learning, combined with tools for automating the design and training of AI models, should, in fact, have an increasing impact on overall economic productivity.

According to some economists, it will be impact nearly every industry worldwide.

Now everyone from Google to various start-ups are rushing to make their products easy to plug into. According to MIT’s article, tomorrows coders don’t know how lucky they are going to be.