Terminator robots are fiction, AI expert says.

AI Expert Yann Lecun Says Lighten Up on Robots

Yann Lecun runs the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR) division in Canada. In an interview, Lecun says we worry waaaay too much about robots that look, sound and act like the Terminator of movie fame. He says to at least stop using images of the Terminator in robot stories. (So, of course, we have one in ours. Don’t tell us what to do!)

 He recently spoke with The Verge about how people perceive AI research. Though he doesn’t specifically list examples, he does call out the “complete misrepresentation” in stories like, say, this one about a Facebook chatbot that almost became evil.

Lecun says people are beginning to see that AI is here, it’s full of unbelievable promise—and it’s not here to wipe us out.

However, the concern is not without merit. Many worry about mankind’s future as machines that are a thousand times smarter and stronger that the Hulk—such as exoskeletons—become more prevalent. If AI can be all that we hope it will be, it could be all we fear it might become. It will require extreme vigilance. Just ask Google…

Google kills Captcha


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