2017 has seen a proliferation of headlines heralding feasible quantum computing and hinting at tantalizing discoveries just around the corner. But are quantum computing’s sensational promises and ominous threats as simple as the media would have us believe? Quantum computing researcher Michael J. Biercuk of the University of Syndney investigates, humbling the hype machine and discussing the obstacles that remain on the road to quantum computing:

It’s no surprise that quantum computing has become a media obsession. A functional and useful quantum computer would represent one of the century’s most profound technical achievements.

For researchers like me, the excitement is welcome, but some claims appearing in popular outlets can be baffling.

What’s the truth? Are we really just a few years away from having quantum computers that can break all online security systems? Now that the technology giants are engaged, do we sit back and wait for them to deliver? Is it now all “just engineering”? read more at


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