ML Looks for Life on Mars

ExoMars Rover will navigate and investigate Mars using [...]

U.S.’s Joint AI Center Prepares to Test Weapons

Joint AI Center (JAIC) Acting Director Nand Mulchandani [...]

Remote Control Robots to Stock Shelves in Japan

A Japanese chain looks to VR-operated robots to [...]

Forbes Names Top 50 ‘Promising’ AI Companies

Forbes compiled a list of the top 50 [...]

Apple’s Chip Plans Will Mean Faster, Better Devices

Great Gains, Also 'Pain' Predicted in Apple Chip Integration [...]

Guide to Understanding Robot, IoT Growth

A roller-based dexterous hand for object grasping and [...]

Forbes Column: U.S. Needs Agency for AI Review

Toews Says It's Time for Agency to Regulate Powerful [...]

Healing Apps to Tap During Pandemic

The CEO of Activision Blizzard is using telemedicine [...]

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