Apple is expected to debut iOS 18 at its WWDC developer event on Monday, featuring ChatGPT integration and other AI enhancements across the search bar, emoji library, and built-in apps, as part of a broader AI initiative that includes two consumer robotics projects. (Source: Image by RR)

Apple Explores AI Integration with Home Robots, Autonomous Assistants on iOS 18

Apple Inc. will integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the upcoming iOS 18, set to debut at the WWDC developer event. This integration is part of a broader AI initiative by Apple, which includes enhanced features for the operating system’s search bar, emoji library, and built-in apps, alongside two consumer robotics projects. Apple chose OpenAI over Google’s Gemini chatbot due to better deal terms and perceived capabilities of OpenAI’s models. The exact OpenAI model to be used remains unclear, but it might be the successor to GPT-4, which is currently under development.

In addition to the AI-powered ChatGPT integration in iOS 18, Apple is actively developing two innovative machine learning projects aimed at enhancing home automation and user convenience. As reported in, the first project involves a table-top robotic arm equipped with a smart display larger than an iPad. This robot is designed to assist with various tasks around the home, potentially leveraging AI to interact with users through natural language commands, display useful information, and perform automated functions.

The second project focuses on developing an autonomous vehicle-like machine capable of following users and performing chores on their behalf. This autonomous assistant could navigate the home environment, carrying out tasks such as fetching items, delivering messages, or even cleaning. By incorporating large language models (LLMs) into these robots, Apple aims to create devices that can understand and execute complex instructions, making them highly versatile and user-friendly.

Both projects are still in the early stages of development, with Apple exploring the best ways to integrate LLMs to enhance functionality. These initiatives highlight Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and robotics, aiming to offer innovative solutions that seamlessly blend into daily life, providing both convenience and efficiency. This forward-thinking approach indicates that Apple is not only focused on enhancing its software ecosystem with AI but also looking to redefine the role of AI in home automation and personal assistance.