Mark Zuckerberg personally emailed Google’s DeepMind researchers to persuade them to join Meta, sidestepping traditional hiring processes and revising salary policies to attract top AI talent with competitive offers. (Source: Image by RR)

Meta’s Strategy: Hire Without Interviews, Offer Top Dollar to AI Researchers

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is reportedly taking a direct role in enhancing the company’s AI capabilities by personally reaching out to AI researchers from Google’s DeepMind to join Meta. According to a report in, this aggressive recruitment strategy includes sending personal emails to potential candidates and offering positions without the customary interview process. Furthermore, Meta has shifted from its previous stance by offering competitive salaries to talents who have received job offers from rivals, signaling a strong push to secure top AI talent in its quest to lead in AI advancements.

Meta’s AI endeavors are part of a broader strategy to revolutionize its platform’s recommendation systems by developing a unified AI model. This model aims to enhance video recommendations across Meta’s suite of products, including user Feeds, with the ultimate goal of creating more engaging and responsive content suggestions. Tom Alison, head of Facebook, highlighted at a tech conference that Meta’s transition towards a single, powerful AI model for all its recommendation features marks a significant shift from using different AI models for each product.

The company’s commitment to AI is further underscored by its significant investments in hardware, particularly Nvidia’s H100 chips, with spending reaching $4.5 billion in 2023 alone. Despite being one of Nvidia’s largest customers, Meta faces challenges in securing the latest AI chip technology, with expected delays in receiving Nvidia’s newly released Blackwell chips until 2025. This situation illustrates the competitive and resource-intensive nature of AI development in the tech industry.

Meta’s concerted efforts to attract AI talent from competitors and its strategic investments in AI technology and hardware signal a determined push to integrate advanced AI across its platforms. By focusing on developing generative AI products and enhancing its digital assistants and chatting tools, Meta aims to solidify its position as a leader in leveraging AI for social media innovation and user experience enhancement.