The Apple Vision Pro headset is bulkier than the writer would have preferred but still delivered top-notch imagery and videos. (Source: Apple)

Wired Writer Says Apple Vision Pro Headset Gives Breathtaking 3D Experience

The Apple Vision Pro, a $3,500 mixed-reality headset, is a groundbreaking piece of technology that represents the future of computing, according to a story on The wearable device operates independently, running an innovative spatial operating system called visionOS. This system is akin to iOS, but provides a 3D experience, where users can watch movies, play games, and even work.

The writer, Julian Chokkatu, had the opportunity to test the Vision Pro for over 30 minutes and noted that despite its bulky appearance, the headset was surprisingly comfortable. One of the standout features was its intuitive interface, which understands and responds to the user’s gaze and finger gestures. This allows for a seamless interaction with a variety of applications and the ability to move virtual windows with ease.

The Vision Pro also supports a unique feature called “Environment”, where users can erase the world around them and replace it with a virtual environment. This can be particularly immersive when watching movies or shows in applications like Disney+.
Despite its impressive features, the author found some aspects of the Vision Pro less appealing. The headset’s battery pack, which lasts for around two hours on a single charge, is a cumbersome addition that users would have to carry around. Furthermore, the headset’s exterior display, known as EyeSight, creates an approximation of the user’s eyes and mimics eye movements and blinks, which can be unsettling for others during face-to-face interactions.

In conclusion, while the Vision Pro’s technology is impressive, its bulky design and certain features may not appeal to everyone. However, it lays the groundwork for the future of wearable technology, which will inevitably progress and shrink to more convenient sizes.