A chart from a ResumeBuilder survey indicates that layoffs are coming in 2024 as a direct result of AI use. (Source: ResumeBuilder)

ResumeBuilder Survey: Executives Say One in Three Jobs Lost to AI Efficiency

A story on cnbc.com cites a ResumeBuilder study of 750 business leaders using AI found that 37% say the technology replaced workers in 2023 and 44% plan layoffs in 2024 because of AI efficiency.

The cnbc.com story summarized AI job loss recent news thus:

  • More than one-third (37%) of business leaders say AI replaced workers in 2023, according to a recent report from ResumeBuilder.
  • Employees say that 29% of their work tasks are replaceable by AI, project management and collaboration software company Asana found in its surveying.
  • While positions like research and data analysis are in line for AI automation, companies will still need someone to prompt the AI, make sense of the results and take action.

The story quotes Julia Toothacre, a resume and career strategist at ResumeBuilder, who admits the numbers from its research may not accurately reflect the broad business landscape.

“There are still so many traditional organizations and small businesses that do not embrace technology the way that some of the larger companies do,” Toothacre said.

Asana’s State of AI at Work 2023 report finds that employees believe 29% of their work tasks are replaceable by AI. However, Asana is a proponent of what it calls “human-centered AI,” in which enhancement of human abilities and collaboration are the goal, not replacing people.

The ultimate result could be “higher value” work from employees.

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