The top AI tool for the year, according to the study, is ChatGPT. (Source: Adobe Stock)

WriterBuddy.AI Tracks Remarkable Growth of AI Chatbots, Image-making Tools

An AI writing tool company called has produced a study regarding AI usage from September 2022 to October 2023, according to a story on The one-year study details which AI tools are most popular and who uses them the most. The group scraped data from various directories that list AI tools and studied the use of over 3,000 of them. It then narrowed down the top 50 most used tools to investigate how people use AI.

ChatGPT Tops the List

The study cited OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT as the most popular AI tool worldwide, accounting for 60% of traffic visits to the most popular tools between September 2022 and August 2023, an explosive time for the use of chatbot AI tools. published an article this week regarding ChatGPT and the incredible growth in the industry since OpenAI first rolled it out in November of 2022. Click here for the article.

Male-Dominated Users

One of the first numbers that jumps out of the study is the number of male users compared to female users who are signing in to this new wave of AI tools. The study found 74.16% of the user base is male and mobile devices were the preferred means of access for 58% of ChatGPT’s users.

Along with ChatGPT, there was good news for Character AI, and Google Bard, who were the top gainers in traffic.

Billions of Users/Billions of Dollars

The top 50 AI tools garnered over 24 billion visits combined and experienced a 10.7 times growth rate, with an average monthly growth of 236.3 million visits. Overall, the AI tools had an average of 2 billion visits monthly, with a surge to 3.3 billion in the last six months. Keeping in mind this surge of AI tools is just getting started. Most of the public is still not very aware of the abilities that chatbots and generative AI have and that is changing the world before their very eyes.

Other Numbers

The study cited Quillbot and Midjourney as the top 5 most-visited AI tools, but both experienced a drop in traffic in the past year. Here’s a summary of the study:

  • The average visit lasted 12 minutes and 34 seconds, enough to ask ChatGPT about black holes and then for a recipe for a fun cocktail or two.
  • AI chatbots and AI writing were the most popular categories in AI tool use this past year, including ChatGPT, Character AI, and Google Bard in the top three. Image generators came in second to text generators, including Midjourney, DeepAI, and Craiyon.
  • Countries like the United States and India and regions like Europe that have strong tech markets were found to lead AI use. The US led with 5.5 billion total users spread across different tools, which is about 22.6% of worldwide traffic to the AI industry. European countries come in second with 3.9 billion users.
  • Of all the top 50 AI tools, 80.5% were reached by direct access, which points “to a well-established user base or frequent repeat visitors,” according to the study. Organic search accounted for 11.4% of traffic sources, referrals took 6.7% of traffic, and organic social and others accounted for the rest. Only 0.12% of users reached the AI tools via a paid search.

“After the initial boom, the hype kept on climbing all the way until May 2023 when monthly visits peaked at around 4.1 billion. That’s the first time we saw a pullback of 1.2 billion in the traffic of the industry,” according to Sujan Sarkar with WriterBuddy.

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