James Woods complained on X about the new policy to disallow blocking. Ever the diplomat, Musk responded.

Musk Tweaks X to the Detriment of the Company, as New Name Still Generates Controversy

Whether it is a possible cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg or rebranding the famous Twitter Bird with the X. Elon Musk is never a dull boy. He probably drove his parents crazy growing up in South Africa with an emerald mine allegedly paying the bills.

With $44 billion invested in X, the former Twitter, Musk seems bent on making his image even worse with a dubious idea to eliminate the “block” feature, instead restricting blocks to direct messages only, according to a story in thedailybeast.com. According to the X-obsessed billionaire:

“It makes no sense.”

And it makes no sense to a lot of his X subscribers and followers :

“The block feature is the best feature on this site. It is what enables me to enjoy my time here,” Mollie Hemingway, the editor-in-chief of conservative news site The Federalist whose account has 1 million followers, wrote.

According to thedailybeast.com, a verified account called X News Daily, which shares often-favorable updates on Musk and X, said the move went “altogether too far,” highlighting the “significant problem” of “harassment, trolls and spam” while acknowledging the potential downside of “cutting off people who disagree with you politically.”

Blue Checks

Musk tried to sell users blue check marks for $8 a month to verify that they were who they said they were. That was a flop. Advertisers have been jumping ship as well. The brand is being called too unsteady and lacking an oversight of offensive tweets. X looks more like the Wild West than a digital social media platform.

Musk even had to remove the brightly lit X sign off the top of his headquarters in San Francisco for lack of a permit, adding insult to self-injury.

His biggest threat came when rival Mark Zuckerberg successfully launched the clone app Threads, which reached 100 million users within just days of its release. Data now shows Threads significantly dropping in its number of active users, but analysts say Musk’s latest change could give Zuckerberg the upper hand.

Many ex-employees and former users of  “Twitter now X,”  are hoping the cage match will go forward.

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