Supt. Alberto Carvalho addressed back-to-school kids in Los Angeles with several major additions to the district’s services including a chatbot student advisor, better food, and more bus service. (Source:

LAUSD Introduces ED the Chatbot to Interface with Parents on Grades, Tests

Many of the nation’s children have returned to school this week. But for the most part, it is doubtful that children had the flashy school opening that the Los Angeles Unified School District kids did. According to the photographs and the description we found at it was quite something to see.

One of the reasons for the stage production is ED, a chatbot that will be Los Angeles Unified’s newest student advisor and parent interface, sharing the grades, test results and attendance records of children. Supt. Alberto Carvalho made the announcement about wide-ranging changes in a back-to-school speech at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Disability advocates have criticized L.A. Unified for not properly managing its existing system of Independent Education Plans (IEPs), but the school will leverage AI to improve them.

“Imagine the power of artificial intelligence and comprehensive data working together to personalize an action plan for the benefit of our teachers, our students, our parents,” Carvalho said.

Previewing his initiatives, Carvalho said Ed the chatbot will be part of an interface for an Individual Acceleration Plan. Carvalho introduced the idea as early as December, and it’s modeled on the IEP, which aims to provide a unique, appropriate education and support plan for every student who has a disability.

Upgraded Services

A shortage of qualified teachers and school bus drivers is a national U.S. problem. While chatbots can’t help get children to school, they can add to the quality of the child’s education and provide parents with a clearer overview of their child’s progress.

The chatbot technology, which will eventually reach every student in the district, will first be available at the 100 schools the district designated as most in need of improvement or special services.

“Imagine, Carvalho said, parents having ‘real-time updates on grades, test results and attendance — empowering them to monitor and support progress and immediately address the concerns.'”

Considering all of the success stories that have followed the introduction of AI into practically every profession, it’s exciting to imagine the advancements AI will have on this overburdened school system. That may eventually hold true for nearly every school system in America.