The Metaverse will create new, unique jobs for those with AI expertise.

Major Changes Coming in AI Funding, Hiring as Metaverse Drives the Marketplace

What has been considered a “Golden Decade” for AI may be ending or at least slowing down somewhat. From a cautious approach in venture capital for AI start-ups to new versions of AI overtaking the current AI platforms. Things in the AI world are changing. And much of the change is being driven by the Metaverse.

An article on cited 10 job positions that may be in short supply due to Mark Zuckerberg’s digital direction of Meta. Perhaps you might be getting your resume together. Here are a few of the jobs that may be in trouble, but if you haven’t even heard of some of these positions, don’t feel alone.

AR Storyteller

Virtual and augmented reality allows the reader to stop being passive and offers a window into the story. AR/VR is giving storytellers the ultimate tool to immerse their audiences in their stories. Content creators are pushing the boundaries of storytelling and adopting AR/VR to tell new stories more engagingly and with an unmistakable sense of presence. This job will allow entities to create both immersive training scenarios and hard-to-spot marketing opportunities.

World Builder

World builder will design single-player or multi-player game environments, with a specific emphasis on first-person shooter games. This role requires many of the same skills asked of video-game designers, except with a potentially entirely different endgame. Responsible for creating and developing 3-D game levels using popular 3-D modeling tools and packages, expected to be able to design environments with a realistic look and feel.

Digital Tailor

Trying clothes on has always been a big reason why people go to shops. It’s possible that a pair of pants or another piece of clothing purchased online would not suit. That is no longer necessary with the use of a simple digital tailor, and that technology is now available. Digital tailors can now go to retail consumer homes to refine the “fit and polish” of their online ordered clothes. But with Metaverse in the house, there is doubt that this profession will stay for long or not.

Other threatened positions included digital artisan, IT facilitator,ad-blocking expert, and personal data representative. But keep in mind, that many other new and exciting jobs are being created for you in the Metaverse right now. That is if you play in the Metaverse.