AI can have a major impact in boosting companies’ productivity and revenues, according to reports. (Source: Storyblocks)

Reports Featured in VB Show the World’s AI Is Growing in All Sectors

If you have been a follower of for any length of time, then it must be clear to you we are fully behind the science of Artificial Intelligence. We have posted article after article showing outright medical miracles with more to come. We have seen self-driving vehicles get closer to being nearly 100% safe. And the biggest thing about AI is that it fits nearly every business model in today’s world. AI can change the distribution, reclamation, investigation, and manipulations of any industry or service.

Companies that aren’t using AI are likely losing money or not making the progress they could be making with AI as a partner. The numbers bear that out according to Michael Vizard writes:

Signal AI, which offers a decision augmentation platform infused with AI, interviewed 1,000 C-suite executives in the U.S. for the study. The report found 85% of respondents estimate upwards of $4.26 trillion in revenue is being lost because organizations lack access to AI technologies to make better decisions faster.

More than three-quarters of respondents (79%) also noted that their organizations are already using AI technologies to help make decisions.

In general, 96% of business leaders said they believe they can leverage AI to improve their business decision-making processes, with 80% noting they already feel they have too much data to weigh when making decisions. On average, 63% of respondents said they spend upwards of 40 hours a week on decisions.

Estimating the potential revenue impact of AI is an inexact science. But a lot of complex business processes are occurring in near real-time that is impossible for humans to optimize with AI augmentation. The challenge is building AI models that accurately reflect those business processes.

If you or your company are using AI it’s clear you are already a step ahead of those who aren’t.


The Numbers Show How AI Dominates All Other Sciences

Sage Lazzaro is a writer for and his numbers say there has been an extraordinary growth in the science of AI. More than that, AI has improved every other science on the planet.

Lazzaro is using the latest UNESCO report as the basis of his article.

“We take a look at the broad field of cross-cutting strategic technologies and break it down comprehensively into the 10 subfields. Artificial intelligence and robotics is one of those subfields, and it’s the biggest based on the number of publications,” report team deputy editor Tiffany Straza told VentureBeat. “Globally, there was kind of an easing off of interest around 2015, and then it spiked right back up. To me, it represents that this is a priority topic around the world.”

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today unveiled its latest Science Report. The massive undertaking — this year’s report totals 762 pages, compiled by 70 authors from 52 countries over 18 months — is published every five years to examine current trends in science governance. This latest edition includes a discussion of the rapid progress toward Industry 4.0 and, for the first time, a deep analysis of AI and robotics research around the globe. Going beyond just the global leaders, it offers an overview of almost two dozen countries and global regions, examining AI research, funding, strategies, and more. Overall, the report determines “it is the field of AI and robotics that dominated scientific output” in recent years.

The rest of the article is an interview with Straza and it too is a broader understanding of the growth of AI around the world. It is no longer a question of the benefit of AI in nearly every industry or service. But the real fact we must face is AI is already the majority partner in the world of business.