One of the most cited companies for its depth of AI development is Google. Its DeepMind division gets a lot of PR attention.

Global Researchers: Besides FAANG Entities, Top AI Development at DeepMind, OpenAI, IBM

The major tech companies that have dominated the stock market—Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Amazon and Microsoft—established game-changing AI labs over the past 10 years, or in Microsoft’s case, bought into one, making them among the most advanced AI developers in the world. (The exceptions being Apple and Netflix.)

Researchers at universities globally cite their ground-breaking work time and again, according to a story by, which asked the experts which AI labs are at the top.

Mark Riedl, associate professor at the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing, said DeepMind, OpenAI, and FAIR (Facebook AI Research) would be his top three picks. Several other academics and investors agreed.

“The unknown question is the Baidus and Tencents of the world,” one anonymous AI source said in reference to the Chinese tech giants. Their valuations are difficult to ascertain because the Chinese government has a stake in all of them and their technology often is derived from technology American companies they don’t compete with.

Of note, according to CNBC:

DeepMind is best known for its AlphaGo AI, which took on and beat the best human players in the world at the ancient Chinese board game Go.

OpenAI has also developed game-playing AI software that can beat humans at games like Dota II. However, it’s arguably received more press attention for its AI text generator GPT-3 and its quirky AI image generator Dall-E.

FAIR, meanwhile, doesn’t have an AI as famous as AlphaGo or a GPT-3. But its team has published academic papers on areas that are of interest to Facebook, including computer vision, natural language processing and conversational AI.

Google has dominated in terms of research papers, more than double other company’s efforts at 178 in 2020.

Among the other companies mentioned are IBM, Salesforce and Microsoft Research. University AI labs cited include Stanford, MIT, UC Berkley, and Carnegie Mellon as being strong in the U.S.; and Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College London in the U.K.