Nicki Doble, group CIO of Cover-More, predicts that Amazon Web Services use of Sagemaker Studio will lead to widespread use of machine learning.

Australian CIOs Say Machine Learning, AI Major Trends for 2020

Information Technology experts based in Australia told CIO magazine that machine learning will play a larger role in their companies in the coming year, with AI becoming a pivotal part of accomplishing goals. The magazine interviewed 20 CIOs for their thoughts on 2020.

“Intelligent systems will have a significant impact on increasing situational awareness (insights) and using these insights to enhance decision making – to deliver optimal outcomes for customers, said Michael Snell, service strategy manager at Airservices.

Nicki Doble, group CIO of global travel insurance company Cover-More, pointed to the launch of AWS Sagemaker Studio and the Autopilot tool as a giant leap forward for ML development capability. Security, however, will be equally important.

“Organizations will better prepare for the inevitable cyber attacks and vendor outages by heavily threading cyber and resilience into day to day discussions around meeting customer delivery commitments and data protection. This will require full product teams – solution architects, developers, quality engineers, product managers to be trained in how to ensure resilience in their design and expectations.”

Companies will also focus on using the best-of-breed solutions, rather than simply buying whole software suites, according to Nick Lambrou, managing director of cloud-based business services company Boomi.

“Beyond 2020, it will become a balancing act between crunching numbers to make use of data and protecting privacy as organisations deploy new services while keeping a close eye on compliance and data governance requirements.”

Peter Chidiac, managing director of the Australian and New Zealand divisions of Avaya cloud-based communication services, said the companies will add to legacy systems, such as large CRM suites and databases, in the next five years while becoming more eager to use AI.

“We also expect heightened interest in applications that use real AI technologies – not just basic scripts – as well as best-of-breed SaaS to align to specific operational challenges rather than aligning to limited all-in-one platforms.”