AI System StyleGAN Creates Grumpy Cat-like Creatures Via Algorithm

Artificial Intelligence image creations are fairly new, but the breadth of the data available to them means they can quickly create a person or as the case may be, a cat, based on a series of images used as inspiration.

The famous “Grumpy Cat,” a Phoenix-based pet that spawned thousands of memes, passed away last week, but already an AI system called StyleGAN, which is based on TensorFlow released earlier this year, has used Grumpy Cat-like images for its animations, according to a story on

The AI creates fake faces from scanning real ones on Flickr and integrating features. It did the same with cat images, but some were suspiciously similar to Grumpy Cat, named Tardar Sauce in real life. Janelle Shane, a research scientist working on a book that uses humor to explain AI, noticed the similarity and spoke about it to CNN Business.

Images of cats generated by StyleGAN looked eerily similar, as shown in a story on

The cat suffered from feline dwarfism, which contributed to its perpetual frown. It passed away from complications caused by a urinary tract infection. Grumpy Cat may be gone, but thanks to AI and social media, it will live on in perpetuity.