AI Generates Photo Realistic Fakes of Faces, Scary Cat Images

The believers of an AI Universe or Xanadu reality with no unsolved problems and no bad decisions can point to a few small examples of AI perfection. Programmers fed images to the budding artist algorithm called StyleGan. It began to work like a dream.

In January of 2018, a clever Reddit member started using the newfound ability to face-swap celebrities and porn stars. 

And there for all the world to see was the beautiful Scarlett Johanson, doing private things in a porn video. Of course, to many people’s chagrin, it was a fake, but a very close to perfect fake. Motherboard reported the story, which drew the concerns of numerous celebrities. Take a look here.

StyleGan -The Best Human AI Image

Now move forward to 2/16/2019 and watch the algorithm called SytleGan began spitting out images of non-existent humans, that are nearly undetectable as fake faces and can fool anyone. The StyleGan algorithm gets high marks with humans.

However, when it comes to images of cats, the algorithm spat up hairballs. It produced images of feline demons that were out of proportion and some had three eyes. Very disturbing to the human eyes of a Colorado blogger.

Some of the algorithm spokesmen claimed it was because the hundreds of thousands of cat images used in training, had a lot of kitten images included, and kitten movement is constant and trouble for the algorithm.

You too can get a hold of this set of codes to do your own AI training on cats.  You probably shouldn’t, but they are available online.