(Vortex Immersion Media )

Desert VR Tech Planned for Take off in 2020

Although Los Angeles has had a “domeplex” for virtual reality viewing since 2010, LA-based Vortex Immersion Media plans an even better one in Phoenix that will open by 2020, according to an article in variety.com. The ultra-modern complex will allow visitors the complete VR experience without the goggles.

“Our goal is to really use the power of GPU supercomputers to create spectacular things for the dome that you would never experience at home on the headset,” said Vortex president and CTO Ed Lantz in an interview with Variety.

The 2,500-seat domed theater will bring the VR experience to visitors, minus headgear. The new VR display only requires a dome to project VR video. While VR and AR product sales are up, the home experience is still a bit clunky because of the need for goggles and headgear.

Eventually, Vortex plans to connect home-based VR systems with its dome venues.

“We aim to be this generation’s Disney with this game-changing format,” said CEO Mark Laisure, in a statement. “We are gratified by our new partnership with The Solanna Group to revolutionize venue-based positive group social entertainment and take out-of-home live experiences to an entirely new fully-immersive and extended level for all ages.”

It will be a one-of-kind addition to the Phoenix entertainment scene.