Wired: Mac Mini Gains Faster Chip, More Ports

 Apple announced the last modest upgrade to the Mac Mini in October of 2014. Despite remaining for sale, the Mac Mini languished for four years with no improvements.

Now the Mac Mini features a “space gray” finish, Intel’s 8th generation Core processor, a quadcore chip, and the option to upgrade to six cores. While the entry level Mac Mini has a relatively scant 8GB of RAM and 128GB of flash storage, users can upgrade all the way up to 64GB RAM, and a 2TB solid state drive. As for connectivity, it comes with one ethernet port (upgradeable to 10GB), four Thunderbolt 3, one HDMI and two USB-A.

“There’s another small but mighty Mac our users have been waiting for,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at an Apple hardware event in New York in which he introduced a slick teaser video.

Apple touted the Mac Mini’s performance on Tuesday as up to five times faster than the previous generation, though that only means it’s up to 2017 speeds. Still, it can actually get creative work and video encoding done, if it has upgrades from the basic model.

The Mac Mini starts at $800, which Apple touted as “by far the best value we’ve ever offered” in a Mac Mini. And while it’s certainly way less than an iMac or even the new MacBook Air, users will need to buy a display, keyboard and mouse as well. Additional memory and storage will add more cost.

As with Apple’s new MacBook Air, the new Mac Mini is made of 100 percent recycled aluminum, and has a new thermal system for more efficient cooling, which compensates for the added horsepower.


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