Short Film Explores Potential of Autonomous Cars for Disabled

If there is anyone riding a roller-coaster these days it’s Elon Musk. From smoking pot with Joe Rogan, to being forced out as CEO of Tesla by the SEC and paying a a $20 million fine for tweeting that he wanted to take it private. A film about how his vision for autonomous autos and the long road

At some point in the near future, Tesla would be rolling out features for the company’s Full Self-Driving suite. Elon Musk’s vision for Full Self-Driving is ambitious, involving vehicles being able to travel without human input across multiple states, as well as a network of autonomous electric cars being used for ridesharing. Tesla is still at a point where it is refining the features and capabilities of Autopilot, its driver-assist system.

More intelligent and safer than other systems, Autopilot has evolved thanks to Tesla’s AI-based system and the company’s continuously-learning deep neural networks. Software Version 9, Tesla’s most recent update, includes several improvements, though Elon Musk recently noted that Navigate on Autopilot would not be included in the V9 update’s initial release. Elon Musk noted earlier this year that the first features of its Full Self-Driving suite would be introduced with Software Version 9, making Musk’s vision of a self-driving fleet one step closer to reality.

Tesla enthusiast and filmmaker Troy Nikolic is a believer of Elon Musk’s vision. The filmmaker notes that Full Self-Driving would likely open new horizons for many individuals, including those who are unable to drive on their own because of the limitations of current technology. The Tesla enthusiast believes that Full Self-Driving has a lot of potential — and it is this potential that became the inspiration for a passion project that eventually turned into a short film.

Nikolic’s short explores how Tesla’s future Full Self-Driving technologies could make people with debilitating conditions be more mobile. Ultimately, the filmmaker’s spec also invokes the idea that autonomous driving technologies, once refined and mastered, are not frightening nor dangerous, but instead safe and welcoming.

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