Uber Approved for 15-Month UK License

Uber will again be able to ferry passengers around London after it pledged to follow British rules that force the company to better regulate its drivers and service. Transport for London commission refused to renew the ride-sharing company’s license to operate last September because of safety issues.

According to Wired magazine, Uber’s attorney Tom de la Mare acknowledged that the company failed to do driver background checks and report crimes, but now has made a “wholesale change in the way that we conduct business.”

Other problems at Uber were wide-ranging. They included: having an “avoidable” accident that killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The safety driver was streaming “The Voice” on her phone when the car hit the woman. Other issues were accusations of sexual harassment; a #DeleteUber campaign after it appeared to profit from a protest against Trump’s travel ban; and a sexist corporate “bro” culture that led Travis Kalanick, its original CEO, to resign.

According to the BBC, the TLC put Uber on “probation” with a 15-month license to operate. The company was required to pay court costs of $562,000.