Moooooving the Milk Along with

Healthy cows make better milk, which makes delicious dairy products. Years of practice have helped Tillamook dairy farmers develop improved cow care, but technology is helping them to better monitor their cows.

No two cows are exactly alike, so to help give individualized attention, farmers put smart collars on their cows.  They observe a cow’s activity and report it to the farmers in real-time.

Cow-culating Profits

The modern technology allows farmers to reach a cow in need faster, while giving them more flexibility in their own lives. Even when they’re off the farm, farmers can monitor their cows. In one instance, a farmer was alerted that a cow was giving birth. He contacted someone to care for the cow and calf.


With tools that track and communicate crucial aspects of a cow’s well-being, farmers are also able to take preventative measures to keep their cows healthy and get ahead of an illness or injury.

For example, if a cow is not taking as many steps as usual, it could be an indication of a sore hoof. With the collar software, farmers can detect these changes in health earlier, diagnose, and treat as needed.

“As opposed to having to treat a cow, we can assist her with probiotics and vitamins that allow us to stay ahead of it.” Explains Kurt Mizee, “It’s like a person taking [medicine] at the first sign of sickness instead of waiting three days and going to the emergency room for antibiotics.”

“To me, that system, I just love it. Because you can be so much more efficient, you can focus on where a problem is and get it fixed.”

Technology is giving the Tillamook cows better treatment and care.