Silicon Valley Hacker Hostel Featured in VR Experience

Silicon Valley got its own TV show about a start-up company and cadre of friends and co-workers when the HBO show debuted in 2014. Now its got its own virtual world.

“Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel” takes fans into the working space of the show’s stars, where they can have one-one-one interactions with the characters. Fans can demo the Not Hot Dog App, find a hidden message for a character (Jared) and help Richard out of a coding challenge, among other things.

The VR experience was released the day the last episode of the season aired on May 13 for the benefit of a sophisticated audience, most of whom probably own a VR headset through which they can navigate the virtual world of the show. Players can explore the house, look around and play with high-tech toys that might have hidden Easter egg messages. More than 750 items are in the space.