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Doctor AI Will See You Now

AI technologies cropping up nationwide will help streamline administrative and clinical healthcare processes.

According to venture capital firm Rock Health, 121 health AI and machine learning companies raised $2.7 billion in 206 deals between 2011 and 2017. In a story on hbr.com, co-authors Brian Kalis Matt Collier and Richard Fu explain the pervasive changes coming in almost all healthcare areas.


AI also holds promise for helping the healthcare industry manage costly back-office problems and inefficiencies. Activities that have nothing to do with patient care consume over half (51%) of a nurse’s workload and nearly a fifth (16%) of physician activities. AI-based technologies, including voice-to-text transcription, can improve administrative workflows and eliminate time-consuming non-patient-care activities, such as writing chart notes, filling prescriptions and ordering tests. The applications could save the industry $18 billion annually.

ALPHA Medical, for instance, takes patient information online, shares images and information with medical professionals and provides prescriptions for acne and skincare, birth control and hair loss via mail order.

The detailed article shows the positive impact technology will have in every career in healthcare or medicine.

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