A new logo for Google AI, the new name for Google Research. Via ai.google.

Google Launches ‘Google AI’ as new Face of Google Research

Google’s R&D division Google Research was recently rechristened Google AI, demonstrating the shifting priorities of the tech giant towards a more AI-centric approach.

Examples of research papers conducted by Google Research, now renamed Google AI. Via ai.google.

The move was announced Monday in a post on the former Google Research blog by the editor-in-chief of communications at Google AI, Christian Howard. In addition to a facelift for the former Google Research homepage along with a revamped social media presence in keeping with the name change, the move from Google Research to Google AI reflects an important shifting of priorities for Google.

While a seemingly superficial change reflecting other current restructuring changes at Google, Howard’s announcement also suggests that the name change represents a conscious effort on the part of Google to affirm its increased focus on AI development in name as well as practice as other companies begin to invest heavily into the AI race. Google Research initiatives unrelated to AI and machine learning will still continue unabated under the new umbrella of Google AI.

Noting that Google has “increasingly put emphasis on implementing machine learning techniques in nearly everything we do,” the post explains that the new website will “showcase the breadth of Google research, innovation and publications, in addition to a lot more new and exciting content to come.” The new Google AI homepage boasts an impressive survey of Google’s past and ongoing AI efforts, presenting examples of Google’s AI in positive examples from the company’s commercial projects such as Google Assistant and Google Translate as well as independent development including humanitarian examples of TensorFlow development. The site also serves as a readily accessible hub for finding Google’s research papers in AI and other fields at the technological cutting edge.