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Researcher Uses AI to Generate Entertaining Academic Journal Names

Computer scientist, software developer, and technology writer Elle O’Brien published an article on Medium displaying the more whimsical side of neural network research: generating names for fictitious academic journals. Training a neural network on hundreds of real-world journal titles, O’Brien then used this AI to automatically generate novel journal names as the system “learned” the characteristics of O’Brien’s input data.


Samples of Prestigious Journals Uncovered in O’Brien’s Work. Via Elle O’Brien/Medium.

O’Brien’s list of titles in the article range from titles so dry and academic that they make for plausible, albeit odd, journals (Forest Information Systems, Journal of Slavic Health, Molecular Space Studies), to surprisingly brilliant satirical-sounding titles (African Journal of the American Journal, The Monthly Journal Weekly, Journal of Chemical Chemistry) to the ever-more hilarious names of eclectic annals from a variety of fantastical fields of inquiry (Montrations in English Surgery, Feminist Time Research, Electronian Mathematical Society of English, Ghosectional Economics).

Read more at Medium for the entire list, and also check out a similarly side-splitting experiment O’Brien conducted where she taught an AI to generate Harlequin romance novel titles.