Image Credit: iStock / monsitj. Via VentureBeat.

Tech CTO Foresees Promises, Risks for AI

Co-founder and CTO of Seal Software Kevin Gidney recently offered his opinions on the state of corporate AI in 2018 in an article published at tech news website VentureBeat. According to Gidney, the year ahead will see enterprise AI at a “crossroads” where companies looking to employ AI tools will be “better able to skim the hype from the reality.” Now that the technologies underpinning AI are maturing and seeing broader adoption, he foresees that 2018 will see users “apply AI for both the good and the bane of humanity.”

Gidney’s prognostications below focus on a balanced mix of potential benefits and pitfalls alike that 2018 may bring, addressing issues ranging from privacy concerns and cyber-security to more technical analyses of breakthrough AI technology on the verge of fruition, such as combining AI with blockchain technology:

  • “Hackers reverse-engineer and defeat ML-based security systems”
  • “AI resolves the coming backlash over ownership and control of data”
  • “Bad actors turn AI chatbots into a new menace”
  • “AI combines with blockchain to power deep learning on steroids”
  • “Breakthroughs result from using NLG and NLU to auto-teach AI learning systems”
  • “AI goes mainstream with lawyers, shifting away from external legal services”
  • “Technology and standards merge to enable a new intelligent contracts framework”

For Gidney’s detailed overview and analysis on each of the predictions, read more at VentureBeat.