Argo not to blame for the accident between one of its autonomous cars and a human driver

Driving Security Not in Question in Accident

One of the test cars Argo AI operates in its Pittsburgh fleet was involved in an accident recently, with two people sent to hospital (in stable condition) with injuries as a result of the accident. The incident appears to have been caused by a light box truck driving through a red light, rather than by Argo’s test vehicle, based on an early traffic report.

Argo AI, a company based in Pittsburg with engineerings hubs in Michigan and California, employs approximately 200 people. The story about the accident says the autonomous vehicle was not at fault, but rather got t-boned by a truck that ran a red light.

Ford Motor Company released a statement

We’re aware that an Argo AI test vehicle was involved in an accident. We’re gathering all the information. Our initial focus is on making sure that everyone involved is safe.

Now if everyone drove an AI vehicle, accidents could become a part of history.


Bryan Salesky, CEO of Argo AI

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The CEO of Argo AI—a startup that appeared six months ago, with $1 billion in backing from Ford—is hardly alone in the pursuit to transform the automobile into a vehicle controlled by artificial intelligence. Though a fire alarm interrupted an interview in a San Francisco conference room, Salesky stays focused and collected. And if he is feeling the pressure to develop and deliver this system so Ford—its sole customer, backer, and majority shareholder—can deploy fully autonomous vehicles in just four years’ time, it doesn’t show.