When it comes to Alzheimer's, early detection is crucial. Image via 123rf

AI-Driven Imaging Breakthrough Could Mean Early Detection For Disease

In a hopeful piece of news, AI-enabled technology has been able to detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease in MRI scans of patients’ brains with 86% accuracy a full decade before the patient exhibited signs and symptoms of the disease. The NZ Herald reports:

Artificial intelligence (AI) can identify Alzheimer’s disease 10 years before doctors can discover the symptoms, according to new research.

A team of researchers in Italy developed an algorithm that can spot structural changes in the brain that are caused by the disease a decade before the signs become apparent.

The team from the University of Bari trained the AI by feeding in 67 MRI scans – 38 from Alzheimer’s patients and 29 healthy patients – then asked it to analyse the neuronal connectivity to form an algorithm.

Following the training, the AI was then asked to process brains from 148 subjects – 52 were healthy, 48 had Alzheimer’s disease and 48 had mild cognitive impairment (MCI) but were known to have developed Alzheimer’s disease two and a half to nine years later.

According to the researchers, the AI diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease 86 per cent of the time.

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