God Created AI, Has AI Created God? Photo Credit: Oli Scarff / Getty

At the Corner of Science and God

If you’ve seen the movie “Ex Machina” or have used Siri for a local weather report, then you’re probably aware that artificial intelligence has gone from being a plot point in movies to being a very real part of millions of lives. Along with virtual assistants, self driving vehicles such as Google’s Waymo  have become part of everyday life.

These simple AI systems are expected to morph into the intelligent bots we expected from the cartoon Jetsons of the 1960s or the 1990s I, Robot film based on Isaac Asimov’s 1940s short stories.

Now we find our selves at an interesting intersection of religion and science. 

Many people feel AI will help pastors and preacher to minister to their flocks. To help spread the word of God with AI might seem off the wall to some, but it fits right in according to Reverend Dr, C.J.Benek  in a Gizmodo piece on AI and religion,  “I don’t see Christ’s redemption limited to human beings. …It’s redemption to all of creation, even AI. If AI is autonomous, then we should encourage it to participate in Christ’s redemptive purposes in the world.”

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