Imagine You Are Dead….

Is it the end? Or it just the u-turn back into another incarnation?

Two little-known companies called Humai and Carboncopies have been promoting the idea that they can solve the pesky issue of mortality. They’re researching how to store consciousness via AI, silicon chips, nanotechnology and deceased human brains. They hope to record who and what humans are, save it, and then place it back into a real brain⎯same personality and memories, new hardware.

Noted British Physicist, Astronomer and Pop StarBrian Cox agrees with the transhumanist idea that our individual lives need not be final the first time we die.

According to Cox, there is “no reason at all why you can’t simulate human intelligence.”

The question of whether immortality will become a reality was posed to Ray Kurzweil, possibly the go-to guy when it comes to AI and its associated questions, during a 2013 interview with Slate:

“I think I have a good chance—I would put it at 80 percent—of getting to the point where [life] becomes indefinite, because you’ll be adding more time than is going by to your remaining life expectancy.”

By 2045, he predicts, we’ll be able to effectively “back up” our consciousness onto a cloud, allowing us to live forever.