Robo-Bobbies are no longer a thing of the future.

AI on Patrol

Robocop-type policing techniques are set to replace bobbies on the beat within a decade as Artificial Intelligence becomes widespread in investigating crimes.

The world famous Scotland Yard is already using AI in facial recognition at various festivals and gathering places in the UK. It is also helps decide a prisoner’s fate on whether they should be released or kept in custody until trial.

In a submission to Parliamentary inquiry, spokesman said:

AI could be used to assist “investigations by ‘joining the dots’ in police databases, the risk assessment of offenders, forensic analysis of devices, transcribing and analysis of CCTV and surveillance, security checks and the automation of many administrative tasks,” it said.

On the otherside of the issue are civil liberty groups who are alarmed by the AI coppers.  It has already been shown that AI can pick up the traits of the person writing the algorithms, such as racial prejudices.