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Our teams work in AI, Blockchain and Quantum-AI applications in their respective areas of specialization.   We each apply decades of individual experience within our respective areas, while working with some of the top Silicon Valley, Silicon Triangle and think tanks to help drive, inspire and extend our skills far beyond our research and development centers, media labs and studios.

    Our Approach

    As a company, we strongly believe in focusing in the areas that inspire creativity, innovation and growth.  To that end, we have, and work together with, what all of our team members believe are some of the best research and related centers on the planets.  Thankfully, we are able to consistently work at leading edge of the AI, Blockchain and Quantum-AI R&D.  Although we work at the leading edge, we are constantly developing and applying practical tools, technologies and best practices that we believe will help all of us, and hopefully generations to come.


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