New EV by Sony, Honda Built to Entertain

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida describes the features of [...]

School District Sues Media for Mental Health Drop

Seattle public schools filed a lawsuit in U.S. [...]

AI Assists Humans in Courtroom Battles

Algorithms are in use by legal systems to [...]

MIT’s Top 10 Breakout Technologies for 2022

CRISPR gene-editing to lower cholesterol and to make pig [...]

SciFi Foods First to Use CRISPR for Lab-Made Meat

Kasia Gora, co-founder, and chief technology officer of [...]

Musk Making Questionable Changes at Twitter for 2023

Musk said when he found the right person [...]

Ectolife: Planning Artificial Womb Baby Factory

The EctoLife artificial womb concept promises to help [...]

New App Detects ChatGPT Creations

From GPTZero: 'We randomly selected a model-written message, [...]

China Anxious about Generative AI Explosion

This is a sample of Stable Diffusion's Generative [...]

Use Rises in AI Digital Mental Health Care

According to some providers, here are some ways [...]

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