Seeflection Studios - Music and Media, brought together by skills and technology

Welcome to Seeflection Studios

8,500 sq. ft. State of the Art Facility – Music Recording, AV Recording, Video Post Production

  • 384 Track Raven Console - Seeflection Studios
  • Dante Enabled 128 Track Studio B - AV Studio

 Music Four recording studios up to 57 x 29 x 14 feet
    Analog & Digital Recording, Mixing / Mastering, Promotion

 Video 4K, 8K & 3D/VR with surround and 3D audio
   Music Videos, Corporate, YouTube / Social Media, Event

 Photography Real-time live preview & production
   School, Social Media, Corporate, Real Estate, Drone
540 Robin Drive, Prescott, AZ 86305  •  (415) 578-5781