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DarwinAI Claims Virus Detection in X-Rays, Scans

An AI program being tested on COVID-19 detection [...]

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VR Cave Tour Enables Home Time Travel

Chauvet Cave's ancient art depicts extinct animals. [...]

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VR Enhancement of Esports Excites Players, Viewers

A player demonstrates how the full-body VR Esports [...]

Musk Promises Neuralink Intro this Year

Elon Musk promises to have the Neuralink brain [...]

AI Expanding Robotic Flexibility

Covariant's robot arms can pick up and sort [...]

Cruise Designs Autonomous Urban Vehicle for 6

The Cruise Origin is the latest in planned [...]

CES 2020: From Toilet Tech to Robot Upgrades

CES 2020 features more tech upgrades than new [...]